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Letter: Connections trump experience in Brookhaven

Republican Daniel Losquadro currently represents New York's 2nd

Republican Daniel Losquadro currently represents New York's 2nd Assembly District. Photo Credit: Gregory A. Shemitz

I thought that I might want to run for Brookhaven highway superintendent until I read this article ["Highway chief job draws candidates," News, Dec. 2]. Then, I realized that I wasn’t qualified despite being a graduate civil engineer, having a master’s degree in transportation engineering and planning, 40 years of highway engineering experience and being licensed as a professional engineer in New York since 1975.

Look at the competition. There is no way I could compete with a candidate whose qualifications include such stimulating forethought as, “I really want the job and I think I can do what needs to be done” . Then to top it off, adding he would use new technology and smart growth methods to increase efficiency. Wow, I wish I had thought of that.

Then, as I read further, I became more disheartened. My family was never in the construction business, nor had any of them ever worked for the town highway department. How could I overcome that?

Maybe someone would think it was important that, as a consultant, I had overseen a few dozen capital improvements throughout Brookhaven for the highway, community development and parks departments.
I wonder if there is an opening for a rocket scientist? I looked through a telescope once!

Lou Saulino, Farmingville