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Letter: Making kids into spoiled consumers

"As parents," writes Claudia Gryvatz Copquin, "we should

"As parents," writes Claudia Gryvatz Copquin, "we should be pointing our kids to the natural, healthy beverage that runs virtually free from everyone’s kitchen faucet." Credit: Sara Schwartz

Claudia Gryvatz Copquin’s op-ed piece on designer bottled water for kids was wonderful . She speaks for so many of us who see many weak parents raising spoiled consumers who continue to pollute the world, and not just with plastic.

Rose Cameron, creator of the “cool” water, should be ashamed. I am in favor of free enterprise, but her reasons for making this product leave a great deal to be desired. I loved how Copquin called her out for not exerting her parental authority, and simply not allowing her children to drink soft drinks. Why are so many parents afraid do what is their primary job?

Recently, my 14-year-old asked me, when told to wear a jacket on a frigid morning, “Why do you make me wear this, when none of the other kids are forced to wear a coat?” My response: “Because I love you, it’s cold out, and as your mother I am still in charge.”

I used to be more reserved in my appraisal of many modern parents. However, I find it more and more difficult to refrain from voicing my disappointment. Maybe it’s the liberty that age affords me; I no longer care what people think.

We have a far more serious problem on our hands than the need to coax children away from sugary drinks by buying them designer water. The lunatics are very nearly running the asylum.

Nancy Macri Kennedy, Huntington Station