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Letter: More school days will make no difference

File photo of children in a classroom. (Aug.

File photo of children in a classroom. (Aug. 6, 2012) Photo Credit: iStock

As a three-decade teacher of secondary English and a teacher of freshman composition, I respectfully submit that adding more school days to compensate for those lost to Sandy won’t help ["School must come first," News, Nov. 27].

The ignored reality is that many students today will not work, no matter how many days they attend. They don’t do homework, they don’t study for tests, they don’t take notes.

An alarming number of graduates enter a freshman class or employment semiliterate at best, unable to write a sentence, unable to construct a paragraph, unable to think critically.

Whether we open school for 180 days or 365 days won’t make a difference until we face the reality of kids who are eternally “on strike” or who disrupt and deny education for any kids who might want to learn.

Meanwhile, I suspect that many vacations will go on as planned during the reclaimed week in February. For those poor kids whose parents can’t afford cruises or time shares, the substitute teachers will bring plenty of DVDs.

Richard Posner, Selden