Bravo to Newsday for the news story of the near-fatal confrontation between two off-duty Nassau cops and a taxi driver.

But the June 26 article about the Nassau police union leader has got to be the ultimate in chutzpah . Mind you, I have the greatest respect for the police. My son-in-law is a retired police lieutenant from New Jersey, and I wouldn’t take the risks of the job for any money.

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But Nassau PBA president James Carver’s call for “the strictest of sanctions” against whoever allowed a confidential Nassau police report to remain in a federal court file is (almost) laughable. How about “the strictest of sanctions” for the officer who shot the cabdriver? The two officers in this incident were never removed from active duty, never charged, and never even reprimanded. Carver’s loyalty is expected to be with the cops, but he should inject some dose of realism and perspective into this case.

Robert Feinstein, Hicksville