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Letter: Taxpayers shouldn’t fund trivial repairs

One of two playgrounds on the school property

One of two playgrounds on the school property at 2667 Bayview Ave. in Wantagh. (July 26, 2013) Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

I resent that taxpayers are funding $25,000 worth of repairs to a statue outside Roslyn High School and $40,000 for an electronic sign in the Great Neck school district .

I don’t mind paying for repairs to sports facilities or playgrounds at other schools because students need safe, well-functioning facilities for exercise and sporting events. Purchasing police cars and improving fire department facilities also benefits the whole community. Who benefits from an electronic sign or a statue? Why do taxpayers need to fund these projects that benefit a small portion of the population in two wealthy school districts?

I am sure the schools could do some fundraising from alumni and current students’ families and have the funds to pay for those projects in no time.

Elizabeth Podgorsky, Lynbrook