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Letters: Use empty homes for displaced residents

A few dozen people take refuge from Hurricane

A few dozen people take refuge from Hurricane Sandy at a Red Cross shelter in Deer Park, N.Y. (Oct. 29, 2012) Credit: AP

Every time I watch the news and see how many of our people are left without homes due to Sandy, I just want to cry -- and I'm sure everyone else does, too . To see our own women, men and children in this predicament breaks my heart. To jam all these people in shelters, hotels and motels is totally necessary for immediate shelter, but itís going to take a long time for these people to rebuild. When President Barack Obama first became president, he bailed out the banks. Well, now I think it should be payback time.

There are thousands of homes on Long Island just sitting empty. The banks should open these homes to people in need temporarily, until their homes are repaired. It seems to me that this is a time when we should put all our profit-mindedness aside and do the right thing.

Rocco Famiglietti, Manorville


Now that power is being restored slowly to homeowners, what will the people do with their idle generators? I'm giving back by donating my generator, saw and time to someone in need whom I know or trust. To hold on to something youíre not using is a waste. Other communities are in worse shape than we are, so why not give back?

Carl W. Jones, Brentwood


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