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Letters: 2016 election is vexing voters

A resident casts a vote at a polling

A resident casts a vote at a polling place in Central Islip on Sept. 13, 2012. Credit: Ed Betz

I’m 80 years old and have voted in every presidential election since I was 21. In all those years, I’ve never witnessed such demeaning, divisive, insulting and amoral behavior as the current candidates have demonstrated in their runs for the White House [“A graceless act by Trump . . . and Clinton’s trust deficit,” Editorials, Aug. 2].

There is no lesser of two evils to choose from — just evil on both sides.

We have a do-nothing Congress to thank for our current election crisis. Donald Trump has demonstrated time and again that he knows next to nothing about anything. His mouth runs as if it is stuck in high gear, and the wheels keep spinning.

As much as I don’t like or support Hillary Clinton, I just don’t understand how anyone can continue to support Trump after his attacks on a Gold Star mother and Sen. John McCain.

I understand the Republican Party wants to defeat Clinton, but to me, country comes before politics. Our Republican leaders must have the will and moral fiber to come forward and denounce Trump.

James J. McCormick, East Northport


My ancestor Richard Field fought in our American Revolution.

I’m an honorably discharged veteran of the Air Force and served during the Cold War. For more than 70 years, our nation has fought Russia and its communist abomination [“Trump reckless on Russia,” Editorial, July 28].

For Donald Trump to invite our adversary to interfere in our politics by hacking emails brands him a traitor.

Curt Field, Melville


I first voted in a presidential election in 1972 and, like most teenagers then, I was anti-war and voted for Democrat George McGovern. Despite his landslide loss, I believe it was the right vote. Now, I don’t vote for issues as much as I vote for the individual I feel would make the best president and present the best face of the United States.

That’s why this election is most problematic. Both candidates are unacceptable on so many levels that I cannot vote for either. I’m against politics as usual, and Donald Trump has tapped into that sentiment quite well. However, his demeanor, lack of foreign-affairs experience and volatility make him unacceptable in my mind.

Hillary Clinton has so many skeletons in her closet that raise questions of her integrity.

Neil Bellovin, Port Jefferson