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Letter: 7-Eleven wrong for Merrick neighborhood

A 7-Eleven at 145 West Sunrise Hwy. in

A 7-Eleven at 145 West Sunrise Hwy. in Freeport on Monday, June 24, 2013. Credit: Barry Sloan

"Baseless" is a word better suited to the Newsday editorial board's denigration of community opposition to the proposed 7-Eleven for Merrick ["7-Eleven opposition baseless," Editorial, June 1]. This would be the fifth 7-Eleven in the immediate area.

The community has numerous legitimate concerns. The site is close to an elementary school. There would be a likely increase in traffic and accidents. Because 7-Elevens operate 24 hours, they are targets for robbery. Situating a 7-Eleven here could result in more commercial vacancies and a reduction in home values.

I attended a meeting at which about 100 people were virtually unanimous in their opposition. But Newsday apparently knows better than those who would be directly and adversely affected.

The attendees were not swayed by the repeated assurances of 7-Eleven's corporate representative about how "family oriented" his company is. Nor did the developer win any hearts and minds with the description of a new brick building and fancy landscaping.

Just because a business can be built "as of right" does not make it right to build. Greed shouldn't always win.

Mark Borten, Merrick