Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

A solution for Nassau’s 77 acres

The pre-renovated Nassau Coliseum and surrounding area.

The pre-renovated Nassau Coliseum and surrounding area. Credit: Ken Spencer/Newsday

The solution for the Nassau Hub remains the free market [“The Nassau Hub needs new vision,” Editorial, March 28].

Nassau County should transfer the 77 acres it owns near the Coliseum to New York State, which could then rezone the property to its highest and best use without interference from the Town of Hempstead. The state could then sell the valuable property for far more than $1 million an acre.

Proceeds from the sale could go to pay down Nassau County debt.

The unrestricted 77-acre site would naturally attract billions in development. Additionally, the valuable private property would go on the tax rolls, offsetting property taxes for everyone else.

It’s an easy win-win-win. So, why not?

Clifford Sondock, Jericho

Editor’s note: The writer is the president of the Land Use Institute, a policy organization.

Les Payne helped students understand

In 1990, I taught a course on the Vietnam War at Locust Valley High School.

I invited Newsday journalist Les Payne to speak about his experiences in the U.S. Army as a black officer [“Les Payne, a fighter for truth,” Editorial, March 21].

He spoke eloquently about racism in the military during the 1960s, and my students learned what it was like to serve, yet be treated differently because of the color of your skin.

William Ober, Huntington