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American dream seems to be fading

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The first six paragraphs of Froma Harrop's column outlined perfectly what many fear. She should have stopped there ["You must be American dreaming," Opinion, Dec. 5].

Increasing income disparity, rising unemployment, job insecurity, pay cuts, raised retirement age, pension losses and foreclosures are the news of the day. The era of upward mobility that was once a hallmark of American progress has stalled. Outsourcings, tax cuts for the rich, endless foreign wars and corporate welfare are the new norms. The promise of the American dream is steadily becoming unattainable.

Sadly, billions of humans worldwide live in squalid, impoverished conditions. We could send trillions in foreign aid and export all of our jobs and never remedy their situation. Shall all Americans accept a reduced standard of living so that the rest of the world can catch up?

Stephen Martin

Wading River


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