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Letter: Anti-gay law merits a warning

A Ugandan businesswoman who sells cereals counts Ugandan

A Ugandan businesswoman who sells cereals counts Ugandan Shilling banknotes in Kampala, Uganda Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014. The value of the Ugandan shilling has fallen in recent days, after Uganda's government was hit with substantial aid cuts following the president enacting a severe anti-gay measure over which some Western governments had warned of consequences. (AP Photo/Stephen Wandera) Credit: AP

While I enjoyed reading about Uganda's game parks in the Travel section, I was disappointed and even a little shocked that it didn't include a warning for gay and lesbian travelers ["A tall tale of adventure," Feb. 16].

Uganda is not the place for same-sex couples to take a honeymoon, unless they plan to spend the rest of the marriage in prison.

While large parts of Africa criminalize homosexuality, Uganda is increasing the penalties -- surely a note worth attaching to your travel article, along with warnings about shots and diseases.

Sarah Hall Sternglanz, Stony Brook