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Good Afternoon

Letter: Appreciating red-light cameras

This file photo shows a red light traffic

This file photo shows a red light traffic camera sign at the intersection of Merrick Rd and Millburn Ave in Baldwin on the afternoon of May 7, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

A recent letter writer complained that red-light cameras violate his constitutional rights ["Red-light cameras violate rights," June 18].

Has he ever used a cellphone, shopped with a debit or credit card, navigated with a GPS device, traveled over a bridge with an E-ZPass or used a computer search engine?

This writer should get his head out of the sand. When it comes to violations of privacy, red-light cameras are the least of his worries.

Rich Starkey, Wantagh

In response to the letter on the red-light cameras and violating rights . . . how about cameras in the tunnels and bridges leading into and out of the city? Should we get rid of them also?

How about cameras in the rail stations and subways? Get rid of them, too? How about the hundreds of cameras throughout the airports? Or ATM and bank cameras? Should we not use those images to catch anyone ripping off a bank customer or the bank itself?

The solution is simple: Don't do anything stupid or illegal, and you have little to worry about. Red-light cameras are just the added advantage that technology gives us to stop the drivers whose time is obviously more important than the safety of others.

I say, let's have a camera at every intersection.

George Lasher, Commack