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Just Sayin': Balloon trash, public disrespect, Nassau bus cuts

People release balloons shaped like doves.

People release balloons shaped like doves. Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Ban the release of helium balloons

How many more helium balloons need to litter our waterways, woodlands and farms before the New York State Legislature bans their release?

Anyone who has taken a stroll or biked the beautiful state lands in Suffolk County has noticed appalling numbers of spent helium balloons that have been released by careless people. They have unwittingly added choke-able and toxic materials to our environment. Marine mammals and fish are known to mistake the balloons for deceased prey.

Airplanes would also benefit from less clutter in the sky.

It would be nice if our concern for our neighbors extended to the distant places our released balloons will eventually land. If we choose to ignore that responsibility, there should be a violation of the law attached to such carelessness.

Bruce Bennett, Centereach

Bring back respect for fellow Americans

There is so much division in our country right now. It seems Americans have forgotten how to treat each other.

On Sept. 11, 2001, and for many months after that tragedy, every American seemed to be on the same team. People were nice to each other, said hello and allowed others to merge on the highway.

Now we have stopped treating all of our fellow Americans with respect. “Never forget” was a vow after Sept. 11. Although we may not have forgotten that day, it seems we’ve all forgotten how to treat each other.

Adriana Moretti,Coram

High taxes, but inadequate bus service

Each week there are more articles about Nassau County’s financial trouble. I’m still waiting to hear that the N81 bus, which was a lifeline for me, will be restored.

Not only has the N81 been eliminated, but if somehow I were able to get to the N80, I’d find no service for about five hours during the day. So if I have a doctor’s appointment or two, and I am finished at noon, there is no bus until 4:15 p.m.

This week, I paid $26 for cabs to the doctor’s office. If I could take the bus, I have a senior card, and I would pay $1.35.

Even if they could increase the N80 to every two hours, that would be something. It doesn’t have the heaviest ridership, but to those of us who take the bus, it’s necessary.

In Nassau County, with the taxes we pay, residents don’t have bus service. The politicians running this county find money for what they want.

Theresa Sokolowski, Bethpage