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Letter: Beware estimates of power plant costs

An aerial photo of LIPA's Caithness facility in

An aerial photo of LIPA's Caithness facility in Yaphank shows the large rectangular parcel about the same size as the plant directly adjacent to the now operating facility on June 6, 2013. Credit: Doug Kuntz

So we have a proposed new power plant, Caithness II, that allegedly will cost $1.09 billion -- or maybe up to $3 billion when all of the financing costs are added in ["Price of power: Proposed Yaphank plant's costs could hit $3B," News, April 22].

I recall another power plant that was to cost $75 million. But by the time Shoreham was done and producing no power at all for Long Island, Gov. Mario Cuomo stuck Long Islanders with a nearly $6-billion bill that we're still paying off.

Is it possible the costs of this new power plant are understated? Maybe it's déjà vu all over again.

Richard H. Staudt, Mount Sinai