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Black lives and blue lives both matter

Police guard the emergency room entrance of Our

Police guard the emergency room entrance of Our Lady Of The Lake Medical Center, where wounded officers were brought, in Baton Rouge, La., Sunday, July 17, 2016. Credit: AP

For Opinion writer Les Payne to say that Micah Johnson, the Dallas cop killer, was “cornered at the scene and executed” is wrong on so many levels [“Haunted by original sin,” July 17].

This man had just shot five police officers to death and injured nine other people. He was given an opportunity to surrender but refused. Instead of risking more innocent lives, the police eliminated the threat.

Dallas police killed this man because he was a murderous lunatic, not because he was black. Black lives do matter, but so do those who protect and serve us all. These people who are so angry with the police should direct their anger where it belongs: at those who commit crimes in their neighborhoods.

Instead of denouncing the police, African-Americans need to take back their neighborhoods and continue to be positive role models for their children. They need to denounce those who break the law and perpetuate the stereotypes that have created suffering for all.

Cherie Lehmann, Kings Park

We need to come together! We need to be the “people of the United States of America.” Throw out our labels and band together before we collapse. We are not black, white, religious, nonbelievers, LGBT. We are humans who have gone off track. Let’s make our signs say, “One nation indivisible!”

We need to stop living our “diversity” and consider our unity. Media must stop stirring unrest and violence.

Take the hand of your neighbor and from Montauk Point to Los Angeles, form a chain of unity. Could the hand of a neighbor, linked to the hand of an acquaintance, linked to a carpenter, a financial wizard, a politician, a police officer, a garbage man, a woman out of work and a homeless person join us in the conviction that our country matters?

We matter.

Kathy Hillger, Amityville


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