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Border wall? Build a wall around Trump Tower instead.

Trump Tower is seen in a file photo.

Trump Tower is seen in a file photo. Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt

Build a wall around Trump Tower

President Donald Trump seems to feel that building walls is the best way to keep undesirable people out of the United States [“Vow to fight NYPD cuts,” News, March 20]. Trump wants to withhold millions of dollars from New York’s budget to help pay for the wall. He doesn’t seem to care how it affects New York City.

The city should respond by building a wall around Trump’s building. Then, except for the initial cost, New York could save big bucks by not having to staff the area around the building with so many people.

Roger Kaufmann, East Northport


My objection to building the border wall — besides it being ineffective, absurdly expensive and taking away money from more needy programs — is that the next rallying cry for the Democrats will be, “Mr. president, tear down this wall!”

President Donald Trump won’t be in office forever. Eventually, you’ll see $21.6 billion go up in smoke. What an incredible waste that will be.

Steve Yandrich, Farmingdale