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Good Afternoon

Newsday letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 5, 2018

Demonstrators oppose the confirmation of nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Demonstrators oppose the confirmation of nominee Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court on Thursday on Capitol Hill in Washington.

I request that the president release all of the FBI’s information from its latest investigation into allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford [“Kavanaugh report review due today,” News, Oct. 4].

I am sure the report contains no military secrets. Let’s shine a bright light on everything. After watching the testimony of Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the public deserves to know what the FBI turned up. I am all in for transparency.

John Lawrence, Ridge

I watch in amazement as women march in support of Christine Blasey Ford. They seem so confident that Brett Kavanaugh is guilty of sexual assault. Yet Ford doesn’t recall when and how she got there or where she was! Her references can’t back her up, and yet all these marchers are sure of her credibility because of what they may have experienced.

I would like to remind these women that once you label someone a sexual deviant, that label sticks whether true or not.

In this country, we are innocent until proven guilty. Kavanaugh was criticized for showing anger during questioning. I know if it were my husband, three sons or brother, all would all lash out at false accusations!

People are trying to destroy a man’s reputation without any facts. I shudder over what has become of our country.

Estelle Capowski, Oyster Bay

Editor’s note: The writer handled discrimination complaints for the Army for 40 years and is now a volunteer advocate for sexual-assault victims.

The people who are going on about the presumption of innocence for Brett Kavanaugh miss the point: There is no presumption of innocence because this is not a trial. It is a job interview. Kavanaugh is presenting his case to a panel that may or may not hire him.

If you were the boss of any company large or small, would you hire a guy with his history of alcohol abuse and anger issues? We’ll probably never know without a doubt whether he assaulted anyone. But he admitted he sometimes drank too many beers. And he showed himself to have a hair-trigger temper.

The only proper answer is, “Thanks. We’ll be in touch.”

Peter Larkin, Bayside