Good Morning
Good Morning

Brexit shock was felt around the world

A teller counts ballot papers at the Titanic

A teller counts ballot papers at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland, after polls closed in the EU referendum Thursday, June 23, 2016. Credit: AP

People of the world are so interrelated by economics, whether we like it or not [“Markets plunge on British vote,” News, June 25]. There is no going back.

The British vote to exit from the European Union was cast by angry, unheard British elders who have now laid a debilitating futurefor Britain’s youth. I hope there is a referendum vote to recant the exit, and I hope that message resonates in the United States in who we elect as president.

There is no going back, no matter how good it sounds to assuage our anger and frustration.

Holly Gordon, Bay Shore

How is it that with an important vote like Brexit turning out to be so close, few financial analysts raised the alarm? The outcome caused the Dow Jones industrial average to drop 1,000 points in two days. This is why I do my own financial planning.

Rick Vitelli, Farmingdale