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Business-friendly D.C. hasn't created jobs

A jobs sign is seen on the front

A jobs sign is seen on the front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce building in Washington, DC. Photo Credit: Getty Images

"American companies are hiring - overseas" [News, Dec. 28] is the strongest evidence possible that Robert Reich in his column spoke the simple truth ["Business-friendly D.C., but where are jobs?" Opinion, Dec. 28].

We have bailed out banks and corporations and failed to provide forceful job creation, and the companies we helped have simply hired abroad. The idea than an "unfettered" business world would provide for America's workers has been shown to be faulty time and time again. That the bailouts were provided without guarantees that jobs would be created and credit provided in this country is scandalous.

Henry Ford, not a particular friend of the working class, was asked once by a robber baron colleague: Henry, why do you pay your workers so well? You know, you don't have to. Ford replied: Because I want them to be able to buy my car.

Our present-day business leaders have proved that they lack Ford's insight that a prosperous populace is the necessary support for a successful economy. Today many of these same companies can simply cater to growing prosperity in other parts of the world. Isn't it time for some fettering?

Fred Kolo

East Hampton


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