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Letter: Caithness II is already outdated

Assemb. Steven Englebright will soon join an elite

Assemb. Steven Englebright will soon join an elite group: sitting state legislators who collect retirement benefits while never leaving office. (July 3, 2012) Credit: James Escher

Never has it been said better, regarding the cost of electricity, than by Assemb. Steve Englebright at a July 10 hearing ["Tax break plan faulted," News, July 11]. Speaking about the proposed Caithness II generating plant at a Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency meeting, Englebright said, "The proposal before you, if approved, would advance the construction of what appears likely to be the last large fossil-fuel dinosaur built in New York State."

He said the cost to PSEG Long Island for natural gas and electric transmission lines would run more than $1 billion. The estimated number of permanent jobs created is six to eight. No industrial development agency anywhere should agree to grant $59 million in state and county sales tax breaks for so few permanent jobs!

Peter Quinn, West Islip