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Letter: Cartoon, coverage insult Irish parade

amNewYork / Jimmy Margulies

amNewYork / Jimmy Margulies

Newsday's coverage and the Jimmy Margulies cartoon on the St. Patrick's Day Parade [Opinion, Feb. 27] refuse to acknowledge what has been parade policy for years.

The guidelines for participation are easily accessible on the parade website. The only banners allowed are to identify a unit or to say, "England get out of Ireland," which seems entirely appropriate for an Irish parade.

A unit means identifying the county in Ireland, or the college or band that is marching. No displays of any kind are permitted. That seems pretty clear and eliminates any other causes: clean air, states' rights, immigration reform and the like.

The gay community has its own parade. Why is it so intent on forcing its views on the Irish?

Jack Barthel, Cutchogue

The Margulies editorial cartoon showing a St. Patrick's Day marcher with a "no gays" button and spectators comparing the parade to Russia and Uganda is blatantly false and insulting to millions of Irish Catholics.

I ask Margulies to produce one rule, regulation or bylaw banning gays from the parade. He can't, because the truth is, there aren't any.

This is another attack on religon carried out by Newsday, Margulies and radical gay organizations that are not allowed to march under a gay banner.

As far as Mayor Bill de Blasio and the New York City Council supporting a radical gay group instead of supporting the Irish Catholic community, that's up to them. It would be nice if Newsday tried to get its editorial cartoonists to be a little more honest.

Phil Sullivan, Lake Ronkonkoma