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Cartoon twisted meaning of Churchill

Newsday / Matt Davies

Newsday / Matt Davies

Newsday’s editorial cartoon on June 26 hijacked the legacy and twisted the philosophy of the great Winston Churchill [“(Never) give up,” Opinion].

What he said to an audience of schoolboys was, “Never give in . . . never, never, never . . . except to convictions of honor and good sense.”

That the British people decided to throw off the yoke of foreign bureaucrats ruling over the significant issues in their lives was not giving up, as your cartoon insinuates. Nor was it giving in. It was a bold move to regain sovereignty from unaccountable and virtually unknown persons creating rules for the British to live by.

I’d bet good money which side Churchill would have taken in the Brexit vote. Newsday’s cartoon, which presumes to speak for him, certainly does not.

Carolyn Stone, Rockville Centre