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Letter: Change must come to Hempstead kids

Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr. has appointed the

Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr. has appointed the Hempstead board of trustees to the village's Community Development Agency. Credit: John Dunn

I would like to join Newsday editorial board in lamenting the position taken by Hempstead Village Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr., someone for whom I have voted twice ["Insiders failing Hempstead," Editorial, May 28].

Change has been too long in coming to Hempstead on many fronts, but none is more urgent or pressing than that required by the Hempstead school district to provide a quality education to all of our children. In this regard, there are no "outsiders." The fate of Hempstead's children affects all Long Islanders, and beyond.

It is extremely disappointing that a public official like Hall and clergy members would take such a parochial view when the outcomes are so critical. The recent election cycle has been notable not only in the effective "get out the vote" effort that nearly doubled the electorate, but also in motivating a number of new faces to emerge -- people who are willing to become champions on behalf Hempstead's children.

Philip M. Mickulas, Hempstead

Editor's note: The writer is the chief executive of the Family and Children's Association in Mineola, a nonprofit service agency for youths and seniors.