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Letter: Charter schools not comparable

Parents of students at the Success Academy charter

Parents of students at the Success Academy charter schools attend a news conference in the school yard of Success Academy Harlem 4 to announce the new steps they are taking to ensure that their children have the seats they were promised for next year March 10, 2014. Credit: Charles Eckert

A recent letter writer compares schools to pizza parlors to demonstrate school choice ["School reform troubling," March 16]. If he is trying to prove the superiority of charters, he failed to include one important detail.

A "charter" pizza parlor gets to hand-select its ingredients and is free to accept or reject any of those ingredients at will. By contrast, a "public" pizza parlor must make its fare out of whatever the delivery truck brings to its door that day.

Until charter schools are required to educate anyone and everyone and show they can do so successfully, they have no right to beat their chests.

Frederic Stark, Oceanside

Editor's note: The writer is the president of the Hewlett-Woodmere teachers union.