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Good Afternoon

Coaches at Sachem East lacked caution

Sachem Football players, friends and loved ones gather

Sachem Football players, friends and loved ones gather at the wake to mourn the passing of Joshua Mileto. The Sachem East Football player was killed August 10th in an accident which occurred during football practice. The wake was held at the McManus Lowry Funeral home in Medford. August 14, 2017 Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

The accident that took the life of Joshua Mileto at Sachem East’s football practice should not have happened [“Next step for Sachem East?” Sports, Aug. 17]. This type of drill was inappropriate for this age group. There are many team-building drills that don’t pose the physical danger of hoisting a log overhead. There are many strength-building drills that are exceedingly far more effective!

The coaches involved showed a lack of forethought.

Jeff Kirby, Hampton Bays

Editor’s note: The writer is a physical education teacher and former assistant football coach.