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Letter: College athletics bring opportunity

Villanova's Darrun Hilliard II defends Connecticut's Shabazz Napier

Villanova's Darrun Hilliard II defends Connecticut's Shabazz Napier during the second half of a third-round game in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament in Buffalo, N.Y., Saturday, March 22, 2014. Credit: AP

Columnist Ellis Henican just doesn't get it when he complains that college athletes are unpaid ["The NCAA's real madness," News, March 23].

Ninety percent, probably more, will never earn a dollar with a basketball in their hands. A much larger percentage would never have attended a quality university without hands on a basketball, never would have received the key that opens the door to a life of opportunity. Not all of life's riches involve rectangles of paper with dead presidents on them.

While it is true that some college coaches make large salaries, those schools participating also profit in the form of a wider spectrum of athletics and finer facilities, including academic facilities.

Jim McConville, Shirley


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