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Constitutional convention the only way to change Albany

Senators work in the Senate Chamber at the

Senators work in the Senate Chamber at the Capitol in Albany. Credit: AP

Alas, the only way to change Albany

Newsday is right to remind our state legislative leaders of the power of the people to change the ways of Albany through a constitutional convention [“Why we might do the con-con,” Editorial, May 30].

Imagine a constitutional convention that creates a nonpartisan redistricting commission to draw fair districts, favoring no political party. Or that adopts new, tougher ethics rules for elected officials and puts forward an environmental bill of rights protecting our air, water and natural resources.

A citizen-centered agenda that polls show is supported by a majority of New Yorkers is possible, but sadly, only through a constitutional convention that circumvents the powerful special interests that hold sway in our state capital.

That’s why I am planning to vote yes on the con-con this November.

George Hoffman, Setauket