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Letter: Control guns and identify ill people

This image released by the Fresno County Sheriff

This image released by the Fresno County Sheriff via KMPH-TV shows guns seized from Christopher Haga, who was arrested is Sept. 2011 after police found this stash of assault rifles. Credit: AP

I cannot imagine why any responsible gun owner would object to strict legislation governing the registration, licensing and method of sale of all firearms, and an outright ban on assault weapons ["Deadly spree in California," News, May 25]. Those most familiar with firearms are acutely aware of their destructive power and should be leading the effort to keep them out of the wrong hands. It is common sense, and a small sacrifice by the few to preserve the safety and well-being of the many.

Unfortunately, the common sense and logic of gun control is not an absolute solution to the slaughter so recently visited upon our nation. The Elliot Rodgers among us are unique and defy common sense and logic. They demonstrate aberrant behavior from time to time; however, they lack criminal records and carry the shield of medical nondisclosure. All of this prevents the scrutiny necessary to uncover the evidence of their cunning and deadly agendas. If guns became unavailable, they would navigate a different, possibly more heinous path.

Focusing on gun control is very good; identifying and securing the would-be perpetrator first is much better.

Ed Weinert, Melville