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Coyote sighting and fear of walking dog

Scientists say it's only a matter of time

Scientists say it's only a matter of time before coyotes take up residence on Long Island. Above, an Eastern coyote roams in the Appalachian Mountains. Photo Credit: iStock

I have experienced the dangerous coyote firsthand ["Coyotes a danger to humans and dogs," Letters, April 30]. I live in Riverhead in a 55-plus community surrounded by a golf course and some wooded areas.

Last June, my 8-pound dog was in my fenced yard in back of the house. I looked out the window to check on her, and I saw a strange-looking creature. I thought at first it was a big dog standing just eight feet on the other side of the low fence looking at my dog.

After taking another look, I realized that this animal was not a dog at all, but a coyote. It had the long narrow face and nose of the coyote and long legs. I opened my sliding door to let my dog back into the house, and the coyote ran.

Other residents in our community spotted the coyote that same day. I am very hesitant now -- you might say afraid -- to walk my dog after sundown.

Letting these dangerous animals migrate and roam our neighborhoods is downright unsafe.

Helga Breen, Riverhead


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