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Crisis in a nation of immigrants

People wave U.S. flags during a naturalization ceremony

People wave U.S. flags during a naturalization ceremony at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017. Credit: AP

Crisis in a nation

of immigrants

It is interesting to read all the comments concerning our nation’s issues with immigration [“Make a deal on immigration,” Editorial, March 2].

First, we are a nation of immigrants, so for activists to call the nation anti-immigration is a lie. To advocate for immigrants is perfectly appropriate. To advocate for illegal immigration is not.

Regardless of how advocacy groups paint it, a person entering our country illegally has committed a violation of federal immigration law. This includes not applying for and receiving permission to enter; not getting and maintaining permanent resident status, also known as a green card; not applying for and getting Social Security cards and not paying income tax.

It’s economically and socially unreasonable to expect that mass deportations will occur. What needs to happen is to secure our borders, remove immigrants here illegally who have records for crimes committed in the United States, and identify all other people here illegally so that they may get permanent resident cards — after being vetted — and Social Security cards.

Steven Donahue, Brookhaven


The Day Without Immigrants protests, in which some people stayed away from school and work to protest President Donald Trump’s policies, brought attention to the fact that people here illegally got over on the American people, big time [“Policies protested,” News, Feb. 17].

They appear to be saying that we are fools for not enforcing our immigration laws and preserving our language and culture.

Filling jobs doesn’t make breaking immigration laws right. What message does this send to law-abiding American citizens — that anything goes? What an insult!

Gregory Gusew Lake Ronkonkoma


Instead of Donald Trump threatening to build a wall and terrorizing families, especially children, he should spend money helping people here illegally gain registered alien status and ultimately citizenship.

Why is he picking on Mexicans? There are millions of other people here illegally from all over the world. Are we to build a wall around the whole United States?

The government, by its indifference, has created this problem. Put the money into helping these immigrants, not terrorizing them.

Mary Rossi Holbrook


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