Trump’s energy policy is dangerous

A March 29 Newsday story began, “President Donald Trump signed an executive order Tuesday intended to increase U.S. energy independence” [“Trump voids climate rules,” News].

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If that was the purpose of the Trump executive order, which is meant to kill President Barack Obama’s Clean Power Plan, it will fail. U.S. energy independence would much more likely be achieved by accelerating the movement to wind and solar energy.

By not recognizing the reality of climate change, and by championing the energy sources of the 19th and 20th centuries, Trump is endangering U.S. prospects for energy independence. Europe is far ahead of us in wind energy; China is far ahead of us in solar energy. Trump’s disastrous policies may result in our being dependent on Europe and China for energy technology and expertise.

In addition, Trump is endangering the health and safety of the people he swore an oath to protect, by allowing greater carbon emissions and storms generated by climate change.

Joseph Tonini, Mineola