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Declaration holds a vow for officials today

This undated engraving shows the scene on July

This undated engraving shows the scene on July 4, 1776 when the Declaration of Independence was approved by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The document, drafted by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Philip Livingston and Roger Sherman, announces the separation of 13 North American British colonies from Great Britain. Credit: AP

I am grateful to Newsday for reminding us, in such an artful manner on the July 4 Opinion page, of “The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America.”

The last line holds special meaning, especially the phrase “. . . with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.”

Would that every holder of public office took that same pledge, suffering just consequences if the pledge is not upheld.

Edward Kalbaugh, Holbrook


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