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Good Morning

Denenberg sentence befits an elite

Whoever coined the phrase "crime doesn't pay" surely has not seen the recent story about the sentencing of a discredited county legislator, David Denenberg ["Jail for Denenberg," News, June 6].

He got a prison sentence of three months for stealing $2.3 million from a client. Would the judge have sentenced a non-politician thief to the same jail time and allowed him to spend the summer in freedom? I doubt it.

Gary Goldberg, Bellmore

A federal judge will allow former Nassau County Legis. David Denenberg to put off the start of his 90-day jail sentence for mail fraud until Sept. 1 so he can take his son back to college ["Jail for Denenberg," News, June 6]. Really? This special treatment makes me uncomfortable. What is happening to the court system? What message are we sending to future lawbreakers -- or, on a more personal level, the children and families of these people?

Charles J. Alfano, North Massapequa