Thank you to a recent letter writer for returning our attention to the exploding number of homeless children on Long Island ["Shocking count of homeless children," March 26].

Add to that number the children in foster care and financially struggling households, and we need a plan to share resources on Long Island.

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As a retired public school teacher, I have witnessed the many gently used jackets, sweatshirts, mittens and lunchboxes left behind by busy children in our schools. These items wind up in a huge lost-and-found box waiting for kids or their parents to reclaim them. Then in the very hectic month of June, schools individually decide what to do with the piles of items.

My organization, Leaving Footprints, is a new nonprofit that connects the supply and demand. We match schools with agencies that will pick up the lost items, sort and clean them, and give them to kids who need them. Any schools or registered social services in Suffolk County wanting to join us may register at

Once we have trained volunteers to coordinate Nassau pickups, we plan to expand the program to the west.

Virginia Armstrong, Port Jefferson