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Disturbed and frustrated by global terrorism

A woman lights a candle at floral tributes

A woman lights a candle at floral tributes at a memorial site at the Place de la Bourse in Brussels, Saturday, March 26, 2016. Photo Credit: AP

As I watched the accounts of the attacks on civilians in Brussels, I felt sadness and depression take hold that were hard to shake [“Faces of terror,” News, March 23]. Then came resolve.

We must destroy this apocalyptic cancer that threatens our way of life here, Europe and the Middle East. That means we and our allies must use overwhelming military force to destroy the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. ISIS continues to commit genocide on Christians, Muslim groups that don’t share its warped philosophy, and others.

That, sadly, means putting America’s and other nations’ soldiers in harm’s way, but what rational choice do we have?

Nicholas Dallis, Smithtown


Can someone please explain how it is that after the explosions in Brussels, the bombers were immediately identified?

Clearly they stood out. Two wore just one glove, and yet apparently no security personnel thought this odd.

Michael C. Lefkowitz, East Meadow


In 1995, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote a book, “Fighting Terrorism.” In 2001, the book was reissued with a new forward written 10 days after the Sept. 11 attacks.

He wrote, “What is at stake today is nothing less than the survival of our civilization. There may be some who would have thought ten days ago that to talk in these apocalyptic terms about the battle against international terrorism was to engage in reckless exaggeration. No longer.”

That was nearly 15 years ago. How long must it take before we acknowledge the threat that is before us? How many more innocent lives must be sacrificed? How much more must we endure living in fear?

The acts of terror we are encountering are gruesome; that is a given. What is worse is the perverse paralysis of our leaders who fail to confront these atrocities.

Larry Mogen, Dix Hills


In the reporting about the war on terrorism, it’s absolutely ridiculous to almost completely omit probing into the causes of terrorism. We continuously read about tragedies, down to the smallest details of planning and carnage, in Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen, here.

Could it be payback time to the West after centuries of colonialism and resource acquisition by European superpowers? Could it be that erroneous interpretations of the Quran by extremists fuel the violence? Perhaps they perceive Westerners as infidels and are repelled or envious by our lifestyles.

What are the rationales of suicide bombers who are willing to sacrifice their lives? What is the recruitment lure of the Islamic State?

Such probing may or may not lead to effective preventive measures, but deeper understanding could lead to the prevention of thse monumental calamities.

Fred Barnett, Lake Grove


It’s heartbreaking, this terror and hate in Brussels. We must remain vigilant in our pursuit of terrorists.

We also must be steadfast in our understanding that loud acts and words of the hateful minority are just that. The minority. Love and tolerance and celebration of difference still make up most of humanity.

Go to New York City and witness the overwhelming success of diversity that flourishes daily. Goodness is not always loud, but goodness reverberates with a greater veracity than hate.

Steven Taub, Melville


Another terrorist attack, and another lackluster response by President Barack Obama. He has failed to respond adequately and appears unlikely to do so.

Why doesn’t he form a military coalition and destroy the radicals where they live? We need responsible leadership in Washington.

Richard Stallone, Franklin Square


More terror by radical Islam. Germany’s government allowed refugees in, as did France and others — despite people’s concerns.

Let’s build a wall and have only legal immigration. Let’s update and secure our visa programs. Let’s temporarily halt entry from terrorist-riddled regions. Leftists scream that this is politically incorrect, and it’s racism, but innocent people end up dead. Who is screaming for the dead? Not the government or bulk of the media, but the majority of the people who have been silenced too long.

Maria DellaPorte, Long Beach