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Donald Truman came to Ivanka Trump's defense

President Donald Trump said he and his staff

President Donald Trump said he and his staff could be better at communication with the American people in an interview with "Fox & Friends" that aired Feb. 28, 2017. Credit: Getty Images / Aude Guerrucci-Pool

President Donald Trump is not the first president to defend his child [“Trump brands in the White House,” News column, Feb. 13].

Harry Truman wrote a letter in 1950 to the music critic of The Washington Post. The critic, Paul Hume, had criticized daughter Margaret Truman’s singing performance. Truman said he hoped to meet Hume one day, and when that happened, Hume would need a new nose, beefsteak for his black eyes, and a supporter below.

In the very last line of the letter, Truman curses him out in a marvelous way that includes the phrase “gutter snipe.”

Helen Bubeck, Melville