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Letters: Donald Trump at Jones Beach

A conceptual rendering of Trump on the Ocean

A conceptual rendering of Trump on the Ocean agreed to by NY State & Donald Trump on June 29, 2012. The view is from the ocean boardwalk looking north. The Central Mall is on the left. Photo Credit: NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

Sea levels are rising along the East Coast more rapidly than elsewhere around the world, according to a June 25 story in Newsday ["E. Coast 'hot spot' for rising sea levels," News]. That doesn't seem to matter to our inept state Parks Department, because it has seen fit to allow Donald Trump to build his unneeded, unwanted catering hall at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean at Jones Beach ["Befitting the boardwalk," Editorial, July 3].

This is insanity! Doesn't the Parks Department believe scientific evidence? Guess who will be holding the bag for the cost of hurricane or flood damage to Trump Palace? You can be sure it won't be The Donald. It will be his investors, creditors and the New York State taxpayers!

Allen Kerner, Wantagh

I am so happy that Donald Trump can finally build the restaurant and catering hall in that empty hole in Jones Beach. We are lucky that he didn't walk away from this idea. Shame on the officials who kept it empty for almost six years, and on the so-called activists who live miles away from it and threw roadblocks in the way of this project.

Is this the way that Long Island shows it is friendly to intelligent development? Is this the attitude we show to those who want to increase our tax base? A nice restaurant and venue for parties belongs on beautiful Jones Beach and will be an asset to Long Island.

Jay Becker, Syosset

Robert Moses must be rolling over in his grave. His vision -- and what makes Jones Beach so special -- was a public space for regular folks to relax free from the crass commercialism that dominates every other part of our lives.

Donald Trump and his 80,000-square-foot facility with a catering hall for the rich drives a stake through the heart of that vision.

And what did the people of New York get for their prime and exclusive beachfront land? Just $200,000 a year in rent, with increases tied to inflation, as well as a percentage of gross receipts. Donald J. Trump just taught us all a lesson in "The Art of the Steal."

Neil Dudich, New Hyde Park


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