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Donald Trump wrongly attacks the media

President Donald Trump is expected to send federal

President Donald Trump is expected to send federal departments a budget proposal on Monday, Feb. 27, 2017. Credit: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla

President Donald Trump tweeted that the “fake” news media is the enemy of the American people [“Trump’s new security adviser,” News, Feb. 21].

Not only is Trump’s tweet offensive to anyone who loves free speech, but attacking the Fourth Estate also is a direct assault on our Constitution and the First Amendment. Perhaps if Trump would spend less time attacking the media, making claims of fake news, and trying to legitimize his own presidency, our beloved country might actually unite to become stronger instead of weaker.

The Very Rev. Christopher Hofer, Wantagh

Editor’s note: The writer is the rector of The Church of St. Jude in Wantagh.


President Donald Trump has made a serious error against our democracy in attempting to intimidate and silence the news media.

In a democracy like ours, the media are the voice of the people, expressing many and varied viewpoints. The media help to educate the public on our national issues, and foster an informed voting body.

Its sheer quantity and variety prevent a monopoly of any one viewpoint. It cannot and should not be silenced.

Jessie Nelson, Lindenhurst