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Good Afternoon

Letter: Dream Act defeat was common sense

Victoria Saza, a member of Jobs with Justice,

Victoria Saza, a member of Jobs with Justice, speaks as the Long Island DREAM Coalition joined the statewide effort of advocates, unions and community organizations to call on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to include the NY DREAM Act in the state budget held at Farmingdale State College, Saturday, March 22, 2014. Credit: Steve Pfost

I beg to differ on Newsday's labeling the defeat of the New York Dream Act as the regrettable act of a Republican-dominated Senate ["Dream Act can still be a reality," Editorial, March 19]. I would call it the commonsense workings of the Senate.

While it is certainly easy to blame Albany for various woes, this time the Senate got it right. I wanted to thank opponents of the bill for doing the right thing for all the citizens of New York who believe in the rule of law.

I appreciate their work to defeat the Dream Act, which has come up repeatedly in the State Legislature. Our society is more than generous to people who want to better themselves, but we have to draw the line when our laws have been broken.

The Dream Act would excuse and reward people for breaking the law by living in the United States illegally. That is not a message I want to send.

The Long Island senators are keeping our values straight. They have taken the first step to stop the endless raiding of our limited state funds for objectionable programs. Now that the $25 million to fund this program in 2015 has been removed from the budget, maybe the best course would be to refund that money to the taxpayers of New York.

Chris Wales, Mineola