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Dying Puerto Ricans are desperate for help

Soldiers shovel debris on a road near Adjuntas,

Soldiers shovel debris on a road near Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, on Oct. 7, 2017. Credit: Bloomberg / Alex Flynn

President Donald Trump says it’s difficult to get aid to Puerto Rico because it’s an island in a very big ocean [“Trump to visit Puerto Rico,” News, Sept. 27]. What baloney!

During World War II, our planes crossed the Atlantic with “Bundles for Britain” when that country was under attack from Adolf Hitler’s forces. We helped save Great Britain!

Trump also has said that Puerto Ricans should be helping themselves. How do you do that when you have no home, food, water, medicine or transportation, and little communication? Does he expect dying people to help themselves?

Come to think of it, maybe he does. That’s why he wants to limit Medicare, Medicaid and other relief for senior citizens and the poor.

Some states have begun contributing to aid for Puerto Rico.

Frances Arnetta, Selden