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Letter: E-cigs become new fad for teens

In the article "E-cig pitch under fire" [News, March 10], Sen. Charles Schumer said e-cigarette sellers were using questionable marketing tactics clearly aimed at youngsters by offering bubble gum and cotton candy flavors.

I am aware that smokers turn to e-cigarettes to quit or cut down on real cigarettes, which are more harmful to their health. However, the flair of having an e-cigarette is appealing to many and has caught the specific attention of those in middle and high school. It has become the new fad.

Truth be told, e-cigs are addicting. Adding special, cool, new flavors to them may increase their sales, but at the same time could lure children, teens and adults who may never have smoked a day in their life if not for e-cigs.

As Schumer said, "We've made so much progress in getting kids not to smoke." Why should we risk all of that for the benefit of a few companies trying to keep up on the latest trends?

Catherine Hartel, Hicksville