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Economic growth is a long-term play

Reinhard Warnking, 67, president and CEO of Guided

Reinhard Warnking, 67, president and CEO of Guided Interventions, holds a guide wire device he is developing in the laboratory at the Long Island High Technology Incubator, on the Stony Brook University campus, in Stony Brook, on March 19, 2015. The company, specializing in Fractional Flow Reserve guide wire technology used to diagnose blockages in arteries, is developing a better guide wire with a sensor that more efficiently reads blood flow in arteries. He is part of the Start-Up NY program by Heather Walsh Credit: Heather Walsh

National and international businesses that have already come to New York because of Start-Up NY are proof that in this first phase, the program is working [“Start-Up NY needs time to grow,” Letter, July 14]. Expanding companies like the kind that Start-Up benefits most does not happen overnight. Like all sustainable growth, it takes time.

What differentiates Start-Up NY in the marketplace are its incentives to attract business, including tax-free status for 10 years, partnerships with local colleges and universities and new opportunities for young people to get meaningful work.

Opponents who say this program is not working are misguided. Start-Up NY offers only tax relief, thus there is no cost to the system other than the advertising that brands the program and tends to promote the state. This program is attracting new jobs and new companies.

With Start-Up NY, and other state-sponsored economic development programs, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has been trying to reverse New York’s outdated, anti-business attitude. Good for him! Business growth and job creation should be supported.

Sometimes economic development is a long-term play. If the preliminary results of Start-Up NY are indicative of what’s to come, success is on the horizon.

Kevin S. Law, Melville

Editor’s note: The writer is chief executive of the Long Island Association, a business group, and co-vice chairman of the state’s Long Island Regional Economic Development Council.