It's interesting to see proponents of a free market, such as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stand by as his state bans Tesla sales. The typical response, summed up by Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association, in "Tesla direct sales at 5 locations OKd" [News, March 29], seems to suggest the need for a consumer advocate if Tesla "can raise the price to whatever they want to raise it."

The standard free-market response would be to let the market decide. A high-end electric car is not a necessity, and if people don't think it's worth the price, Tesla won't sell many cars.

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What all the advocates of the ban have in common is relinquishing consumer protection to an established industry already well-known for not quite looking out for the customer: the auto dealerships. Maybe campaign donations, such as the more than $60,000 that Christie received from car dealerships, have something to do with it.

Eric Raguzin, East Northport