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Good Evening

Environment under attack by EPA head

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt. Credit: AP / Alex Brandon

Scott Pruitt needs to go. Never mind the ever-growing list of ethical violations by the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. They are nothing compared with the long-term damage his actions will have on our environment. He is turning back protections on the air we breathe, water we drink and soil we walk on. He works for the fossil-fuel industry, not for you or your family.

He wants to cut back standards limiting the amount of toxins industries can spew into the air and discard into our waters. Fuel standards are under threat of being rolled back [“Support carmakers with high standards,” Letters, April 12]. Even the auto industry is not on board with this one!

What really prompted me to write is his latest violation on science itself. He masks this violation in what he calls “transparency.” The proposed rule only allows the use of studies that make data publicly available. I was a cardiac research nurse. The confidentiality of our patients was paramount. Studies include very sensitive patient data. For studies to be reliable and to inform science, our patients must trust us and know that their private information is sacrosanct. Evidence-based science is the only path forward and patient research is most important.

Terry Glassman,

Glen Head

A teaching aid for today’s Washington

Years ago when I taught third grade, my students created mobiles illustrating the three branches of government and the duties of each.

We hung the mobiles from the ceiling to remind us of the separation of powers and the checks and balances provided in the Constitution.

Perhaps the president and Congress could benefit from such a visual aid. They seem confused.

Margaret Bell,

West Islip