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Every driver has thoughts on the DMV

A sample of a Real ID-compliant New York

A sample of a Real ID-compliant New York driver's license. Credit: NYS DMV

Lane Filler’s column “DMV hours drive us to distraction,” [Opinion, June 13] missed the fact that the Department of Motor Vehicles lets you make an appointment at its website, This has made dealing with the DMV smooth and painless.

Set up an appointment, show up on time, and take care of your business right away. I have done it several times. No complaints.

You do need to plan ahead, as immediate appointments might not be available. The website also explains which forms and documents you will need. I think the state has earnestly tried to streamline DMV interactions. Perhaps it needs to better publicize online scheduling.

Raj Mehrotra, East Norwich

A reminder to Lane Filler about the DMV: You are talking about a government agency, and it is not working for us, we are working for it. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? Where have you been all these years?

John Poulos, Mineola

Recently, I passed down a vehicle to my son who lives in Pennsylvania. This resulted in two very different experiences.

First, I wanted to transfer my plates to a new vehicle I had purchased. So, I went to the DMV in Bethpage to get plates so my son and I could drive my old car to his home in Pennsylvania. I waited nearly three hours for a two-minute transaction.

In Pittsburgh, we went to a AAA office. We filled out a form to gift a car, and another for a Pennsylvania title, registration and plate. The clerk went to the parking lot to verify the vehicle identification number and mileage for the title. My son was then issued his Pennsylvania plate and registration certificate. Total waiting time for our turn: 45 minutes. And he got his new title in the mail two business days later.

Leonard Cohen, Wantagh