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Letters: Ex-cop's misconduct on duty

Former Nassau Police Officer Michael Tedesco leaves the

Former Nassau Police Officer Michael Tedesco leaves the Nassau Police headquarters after surrendering in Mineola on Dec. 14, 2012. Credit: Howard Schnapp

Why is it that former Police Officer Michael Tedesco ["Ex-cop's guilty plea," News, May 13] faced all sorts of departmental and criminal charges for having sex with a mistress while on duty in Nassau County, yet then-Sgt. James Burke had sex while on duty with his prostitute girlfriend and eventually got promoted to chief of department in Suffolk County ["50 LI Police Misconduct Cases," News, Dec. 19, 2013]?

What a difference a county line makes.

Jim Brennan, Rocky Point

After ex-Police Officer Michael Tedesco's guilty pleas to misconduct charges, Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said it was "a win for taxpayers" that he forfeited $195,000 in termination pay and paid $3,700 in restitution. However, state law allowing him to collect his pension for the rest of his life was a mistake that the taxpayers will pay for.

Let's support our dedicated professional police, but not reward a dirty cop with a pension that will permit him a comfortable retirement.

Michael Greenfield, Oceanside