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Fallout from Donald Trump’s ‘locker room banter’ comment

Moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz

Moderators Anderson Cooper of CNN and Martha Raddatz of ABC listen as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks during the second debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., on Oct. 9, 2016. Photo Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Jim Bourg

Donald Trump is a threat to our republic [“No holds barred,” News, Oct. 10].

He has praised the leadership style of Vladimir Putin, a Russian autocrat who has threatened, jailed and virtually exiled political opponents. The atmosphere in Russia may have led to killings of members of the media.

At Sunday’s debate, Trump promised to jail Hillary Clinton if he becomes president. Is this the style we want in the person who would be the head of state and defender of our Constitution?

The United States in the past 240 years has evolved into the most successful democracy in the world. We could be one election away from a president who would disregard the checks and balances that have strengthened our political and moral standards and values.

Peter Hanson, Nesconset

I do not understand the firestorm that has been created by the publication of Donald Trump’s words on a TV show bus more than 10 years ago [“Trump can’t dismiss this,” Editorial, Oct. 9].

We should remember that presidents have been chasing women, even in the White House itself, throughout history. Right or wrong, this activity didn’t disqualify them from being president or prohibit them from carrying out presidential duties.

While the remarks may be crude, why is Trump being held to a double standard? Political correctness drives this election, not the interests of the American people.

Ray Dawson, Huntington

Why are our elected Republican leaders not denouncing Donald Trump? What are they waiting for? What are they thinking?

He’s not going to get any better. Rep. Pete King (R-Seaford) should be first in line.

Leslee Lewis, Merrick

As a registered Republican woman, I am disgusted and outraged at Donald Trump. Talking is one thing, but when he says that he has grabbed women’s personal body parts without their consent and finds it OK because he is a “star,” it’s a criminal sexual assault and is immoral.

What I find even more disturbing is that the Republican Party leadership has not asked him to step down. It’s party and boys as usual.

Well, news flash: There are women in your party, boys. Republican leaders need to do far more than just talk. I can no longer vote for any Republican in this election. I’ve had it. I’m volunteering for Democrats for this upcoming election.

Trump has no high standard of qualities that the leader of the free world should have. Our country’s reputation and relationship with every foreign country and leader would be in the toilet.

Trump can make our country great by dropping out of this presidential contest.

Marion Sierra, Bellmore

No fair complaining, Republicans. You nominated Donald Trump because you wanted someone who enjoys abusing people. He told you that that’s what it takes to win, and for whatever ideological or psychological reasons, you believed him.

Maybe you thought he’d only abuse the people you hate. Maybe, like so many people who fall for abusers, you ignored the evidence that he doesn’t know when to stop.

Wayne Karol, Levittown

Donald Trump’s disgusting remarks disturb us all and for many reasons. One concern is how Trump, if elected, might conduct himself when meeting with a female head of state. Would it surprise anyone if a hot mic revealed him making lewd comments about a foreign official?

What does the world think of our country when the Republican candidate for president makes crude, vulgar, disgusting, misogynistic remarks and brags he can sexually assault women? How would a President Trump have any moral standing encouraging countries that mistreat woman to end such abuses?

If Trump is elected, his conduct would bring the world’s respect of the United States to an unprecedented low.

Tedd Levy, Bellmore


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