The changing demographics that result from a too-open border are causing considerable trepidation in an already beleaguered country ["Immigrant kids and American vitriol," Opinion, July 31].

The rich don't feel that more people requiring social services and the expansion of the welfare state will interfere with their lives. It's the "regular" Americans who will experience problems in their schools and neighborhoods. We already feel disenfranchised. We cannot vote for fewer entitlements.

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Multiculturalism is one of the hallmarks of liberalism. Europe is on fire with threats to peace and stability. Their welfare state is collapsing, and their culture and traditions are disappearing along with their race. This is the path to self-destruction; harmony among people is not the result.

President Barack Obama has chosen to change who the citizens of this country are, to assure that his party will always rule. This is why people are afraid.

Roslyn Green, Woodmere