I am disappointed by the NIMBY attitude of some of our neighbors in Floral Park who object to construction of a Long Island Rail Road third track alongside the village’s pool complex [“Diving into controversy,” News, July 19].

I understand concerns regarding the complex, but Long Island’s future must not be sacrificed for it. The rail expansion is going to be built within the LIRR’s existing right of way. It won’t infringe on that property any more than it does right now — which is not at all.

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Other concerns, including dust, construction and kids missing a summer at the swim club, are surely inconvenient, but they’re short-term and manageable.

The community’s spokesmen and women do not mention that as part of the project, several neighboring grade crossings will be eliminated, along with crippling local traffic and thousands of horn blasts.

The project will deliver on a beautification effort that will improve the area for generations. In fact, only about a half-mile of the project lies in Floral Park. One might even make the case that the benefit to that community at large greatly outweighs whatever sacrifice it claims to be making.

Desmond Ryan, Hauppauge

Editor’s note: The writer is the executive director of the nonprofit Association for a Better Long Island, a policy organization.