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Letter: Focus on teacher ability unwarranted

This file photo shows an LI classroom on

This file photo shows an LI classroom on March 23, 2011. Credit: Newsday / Karen Wiles Stabile

To suggest that teachers and union leaders are responsible for underperforming schools and students is incredibly shortsighted and insulting ["Don't weaken teacher evals," Editorial, June 12].

How do David Welch, who funded the California lawsuit challenging teacher tenure, and Bill Gates know what the real reasons are? The disconnect is incredible.

The real focus should be working to improve the opportunities for all students during high school. Attacking teachers' salaries and tenure doesn't help. I would love to see some radical change in Newsday's editorial views, which denigrate all Long Island teachers.

Rich Weeks, Middle Island

Editor's note: The writer is a public school teacher.